সিদ্দিক মেমোরিয়াল স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ
আশরতপুর, ক্যাডেট কলেজ, রংপুর।

স্থাপিতঃ 2005 ইং

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২০২২ শিক্ষাবর্ষে প্রথম শ্রেণি থেকে অষ্টম শ্রেণি এবং নবম শ্রেণিতে বিজ্ঞান, মানবিক ও বাণিজ্য বিভাগে ভর্তি চলছে। ||

সিদ্দিক মেমোরিয়াল স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ, আশরতপুর, ক্যাডেট কলেজ, রংপুর।

প্রতিষ্ঠান প্রধানের বাণী

প্রতিষ্ঠান প্রধানের বাণী

In my service life for long thirty years as professor and vice principal in Cadet college I do firmly believe that students of our country have huge protential and if they are given the scope, they become capable to win the world, only needed is proper nursery for the development. I also believe that, students are not at all at fault for the current educational situation, instead, it is the system,environment inadequat scope etc are at fault.

From the very beginning of the establishment of SMS&C is being reputed as category one and flourished educational institution. SMS&C endeavours to provide education in the truest sense by preparing them to face challenge and complexities of life. Emphasis in the school is laid not only for the academic excellence but also for the overall development. Here all the students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities of the school and college which are designed to promote the students interests .

I as the principal of SMS&C my message is to the students and potential one – you can do miracle if you wish to, but the wish is to be supported by your devotion. My message to the parents: please allow your children to pursue their passion and facilitate them to become a responssible one. My message to the teachers remember you are with an invaluable task. Success of your life can only come from the success of your students.

I hope that Siddique Memorial School & College will be successful in its aims and objectives and will lead its activities with humble care to build up bright future of the children of the zone to keep up its name and fame like a shining star.

I cherish the hope of all sided development and progress of the institution and specially of the students of this school and college. In fine, sympathy and spontaneous co-operation of the guardians and people of all corners of this zone are earnestly required for success.


                    Allah Hafiz


Siddique Memorial School & College


সভাপতির বাণী

চেয়ারম্যানের বাণী

Message from  the chairman


Because of shortage of our belongs, initially we started Siddique Memorial Kindergarten in 2005 in a rented building, With the passage of time it is now a full-fledged Siddique Memorial School & College from 2008 in our own land and building. This school & college has been approved by the Ministry of Education & Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Dinajpur. From the very beginning to 2013,  in all Public Examinations- P.S.C, J.S.C, S.S.C & H.S.C, not a single student got plucked and a good number of students achieved Golden A+  ,  A+   ,  & A  by the grace of Almighty Allah.


The purpose of establishing this college is to prepare the students to face the challenges of the new Millennium in all spheres of life and they are provided all sorts of facilities to build up their bright career. All the National days are celebrated very gorgeously in the campus. The students of this institution are the only participants. Annual sports, cultural competition, annual Milled , debate and other curricular activities are held in time. For all competitive activities they are given prizes according to their position . First, Second and Third position holders  in all the classes from Play group to xii classes are given prizes as incentive.  All these functions and ceremonies are done only to develop their hidden talent so that they can fit them to meet the challenges of the new era. To achieve this objective  we expect cordial help, sympathy  and spontaneous cooperation of all concerned for successful beginning and all-sided development of this institution.  During this short span of life of 11 (eleven) years Siddique Memorial School & College has become one of the renowned educational institutions of this Zone for its creative and advanced system of teaching by all qualified & trained teaching staffs.


Now it is our dream to establish a University – “ Siddique Memorial University”  by name in this campus. For this purpose a six storied big building of 60000 (sixty thousand) sqr. feet has been constructed  keeping the hope in mind that the proposed University will very soon get approval of the Govt. To be noted that the proposal of the University has been recommended  by the University Grant Commission (UGC) for approval. Now it is waiting just for approval of the Govt . It is to be further  noted that a canteen and a basketball ground and also a Mosque are under construction in the same campus. May Allah bless us all.


Md. Ferdous Alam (Mukul)


B.Sc (Hons),  M.Sc (Entomology)




Siddique Memorial School & College,


Fatema Trust, Siddique Memorial University Trust, & Community Eye Care & Research Centre.


নোটিশ বোর্ড


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